Reliance Foundation and Simply Sport Foundation collaborate for menstrual awareness in sports

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Mumbai, May 29, 2023: Committed to increasing the presence and success of girls and women athletes in India, Reliance Foundation has entered into a partnership with Simply Sport Foundation (SSF) for their pioneering initiative, Simply Periods to focus on awareness regarding menstruation and athlete performance. The focus of the nationwide menstrual program is to help understand the relationship between menstruation & athlete performance, educate the athlete ecosystem and champion the cause of female athlete wellness.

To enhance awareness, Reliance Foundation and SSF have planned a series of workshops to equip athletes and coaches with essential knowledge and tools related to menstruation and its impact on the sport. Further, develop a comprehensive knowledge repository covering topics such as female athlete nutrition, body image issues, psychology, and overall health. These resources will be made accessible through digital channels, to ensure widespread awareness and education.

Olympian & Reliance Foundation scholarship athlete Lovlina Borgohain, “It’s very important to normalize talking about periods. For female athletes along with overall well-being, performance too is connected to menstruation. Much like regular training we need to ensure that we have regular periods as well. It's high time we ended the silence about periods. I am glad Reliance Foundation and Simply Sport Foundation are engaging in conversation around female athletes and menstruation.”

Watch the video of Lovlina on the initiative here.

Recognizing the need for a stronger bond between athlete and their coaching and backroom team, a Reliance Foundation Spokesperson said, "We are very happy to partner with Simply Sport Foundation for the Simply Periods initiative, through which we aim to break the silence surrounding menstruation and create a supportive environment for female athletes. At Reliance Foundation, we firmly believe that women are the backbone of our society. This initiative will enable us to support and empower women in sports and pave their way to succeed and bring pride to our nation.”

Ankit Nagori, Founder of Simply Sport Foundation commented, “We are excited about this collaboration with Reliance Foundation, which will enable us to expand the reach of Simply Periods and create a positive impact on the lives of a lot of female athletes. Together I hope we are able to empower athletes and coaches, break down societal barriers, and foster an inclusive sports environment."

Reliance Foundation has a comprehensive vision of empowering women in sports by providing them with the necessary opportunities to thrive and achieve remarkable success on the global stage. As part of this vision, this partnership with Simply Periods aims to address the sensitive issue of menstruation faced by female athletes. Through this initiative, the Simply Sport Foundation has already made a positive impact by reaching out to more than 3,000 athletes and coaches. Reliance Foundation seeks to complement its efforts and use its own and partner ecosystem with the ultimate goal of creating a lasting and transformative impact.

Guided by Reliance’s overarching ‘We Care’ philosophy, Reliance Foundation is committed to the empowerment of women and girls in all walks of life from comprehensive initiatives in technology access such as the WomenConnect Challenge India, to capacity building of social sector leaders, such as the WomenLead India Fellowship. From enhancing agency to fostering women’s entrepreneurship, Reliance Foundation aims to drive transformative change, enabling women with tools, skills and support to realise their full potential; to be catalysts of change across the socio-economic fabric of our nation.

*The Breaking Barriers for Women in Sport (2022) by Simply Sport Foundation on menstrual health and awareness of athletes and coaches found: Report Link

  1. There is no distinction currently being made in the way and methods being used to train a woman and a male athlete.
  2. Communication about the subject is still a problem for both the stakeholders
  3. Knowledge about menstruation and its connection with female athlete performance is lacking in both stakeholders.
  4. Lack of resources and research is available for athletes and coaches on this subject.
  5. Athletes are hesitant to take an off while training and prefer to play through their periods. A lot of them pointed out that an off is looked at upon them as a sign of weakness.