April 13-14, 2024 | Mumbai



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About the Conference

Building Flourishing Futures: Early Childhood Care and Education, hosted by Reliance Foundation, is a two-day conference which will convene leading voices from across India and internationally to reaffirm early childhood care and education's crucial role in children’s holistic growth and well-being.

The conference is poised to become an innovation hub bringing together key stakeholders in the early childhood care and education ecosystem. This includes a diverse set of stakeholders from the private and public ecosystems in India – including pre-schools, Anganwadis, researchers, foundations and policymakers. It seeks to cultivate a shared understanding of the importance of play-based learning, combining Indian and global learnings and best practices with actionable, adaptable strategies to enhance early childhood care and education.

The conference has been designed to provide a vibrant, interactive platform for discussion and learning. Delegates can expect a dynamic agenda filled with inspiring talks, masterclasses, and hands-on learning stations, all showcasing the latest in early childhood care and education.

A Glimpse into the Event

Watch this video to learn about Building Flourishing Futures.

Focus Areas
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Foster Holistic Child Development

Explore comprehensive strategies that support every aspect of a child's growth, laying a foundation for lifelong learning and well-being. 

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Knowledge Exchange

Facilitate a dynamic platform for the exchange and dissemination of best practices and knowledge, pivotal for the advancement of the field. 

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Catalyse the Ecosystem for Early Learning

Drive collective action to foster a supportive ecosystem for early learning, integrating global and national perspectives for broader impact.