"Absolute honour to host IOC session in Mumbai for first time ever": Mrs. Nita M Ambani

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Mrs Nita M Ambani, IOC member and Founder Chairperson of the Reliance Foundation, thanked honourable Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi, for inaugurating the opening ceremony of the 141st IOC session in Mumbai on Saturday.

Speaking on the occasion, Mrs Ambani said, "Respected Prime Minister, we are filled with immense joy and gratitude that you have joined us today. You are the leader of the world's largest democracy, the Architect of New India. Your support to sport has made this session in India a reality."

Mrs Ambani welcomed Thomas Bach, the President of the International Olympic Committee as well as the delegates from the IOC, saying, "It is an absolute honour for us to host this historic IOC Session in India after 40 years, and in Mumbai for the first time ever! Aamchi Mumbai ─ our Mumbai ─ welcomes all of you."

Mrs. Ambani spoke about how this session was a great confluence between India and the world, saying, "In this meeting of the IOC, I see the confluence of two wonderful forces. One is the Olympic Movement, which unites humanity and transcends all national, racial, religious, and linguistic barriers. The other is India, the world’s largest democracy as the host of this meeting."

"The mantra and motto of our 5,000-year-old civilisation is ‘वसुधैव कुटुंबकम’, which our Prime Minister declared as the theme – at India’s Presidency of the G20 Summit last month. It means: “The Entire World Is One Family.”

"Today, more than ever, our world needs to reunite in fraternity and solidarity."

Mrs Ambani also congratulated India's athletes for their record medal haul at the recently concluded Asian Games 2023. "Our young girls and boys are exhibiting incredible talent in diverse sporting arenas around the world. Most recently, they have made us all proud at the Asian Games in China. Many of them come from very humble backgrounds. Some of them are in our midst today. Let’s give them a huge round of applause."

Mrs Ambani concluded her speech by saying that India is a torchbearer for the Olympic movement, encouraging everyone to commit to it.

"When our Prime Minister Narendrabhai Modi declares the hundred and forty-first IOC Session open, India will once again open its arms to the world, not just as a host but as a torchbearer for the Olympic Movement," Mrs Ambani said.

The 141st session of the IOC will be held in Mumbai from 15th to 17th October.