Delivering timely health services to the last mile

Kotma, Madhya Pradesh

“Reliance Foundation’s Mobile Medical Units are a big relief for the villagers in remote locations; I am a living testimony of this as I got much-needed relief by availing these services. It is only because of the MMU doctors that I am in a position to feed my family today,'' says Mangal Singh from Kharuha village in Kotma, Madhya Pradesh.

Mangal Singh's primary source of livelihood is farming on leased land, mostly paddy during Kharif season. He also works as a daily wage labourer.

In 2017, he began experiencing stomach issues, which hampered his work and livelihood. While the nearby health centre provided symptomatic relief, he did not receive any long-term relief, even though he consulted several doctors. His expenses increased and he frequently could not report to work.

When Mangal learnt about Reliance Foundation's Mobile Medical Unit (MMU), he visited the free health services unit established in his village in 2018. Medicines were prescribed and given to him free of charge. These brought him respite from the pain. With the encouragement and advice of the MMU doctors, he extended the treatment course and did regular follow-ups. Now, Mangal visits the MMU twice every month. Considering doctor consultations, travel costs and medicine costs, he saves Rs 900 a month, and around Rs 10,000 annually. He even takes his family to the MMU, saving on those expenses too.

Reliance Foundation's MMUs continue to provide much-needed primary and preventive care towards better community health especially for vulnerable populations.

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