Mrs. Nita Ambani dedicates special shows of ‘The Sound of Music’ for 3400 underprivileged children and senior citizens at the Nita Mukesh Ambani Cultural Centre

Nurturing lives, building futures

* Memorable moments for the special audience from 18 NGOs supported by Reliance Foundation’s Education and Sports for All programme

* Continuation of Reliance Foundation’s work with children through the years

Mumbai, June 26, 2023: It was a time of bonding and laughter for 3,400 underprivileged children and senior citizens from NGOs supported by Reliance Foundation who experienced special shows of the International Broadway musical ‘The Sound of Music’, dedicated for them by Mrs. Nita Ambani at the Nita Mukesh Ambani Cultural Centre (NMACC).

At these two very special shows over the weekend, Reliance Foundation hosted 3,400 children and senior citizens from diverse locations across Mumbai, including specially-abled children. The initiative was supported by 18 NGOs supported by its Education and Sports for All (ESA) programme along with Reliance employee volunteers who were on hand to make sure that everyone had a comfortable and magical experience. Through its ESA programme, Reliance Foundation has supported children’s aspirations through various education and sports initiatives over the years. These special shows in collaboration with NGOs are yet another step towards Reliance Foundation’s ongoing efforts to inspire children.

"The overwhelming response to The Sound of Music reaffirms NMACC’s vision of showcasing the best of India and the world. Seeing families from across the country come together and enjoy this magical experience has been truly heart-warming. We are humbled to have dedicated the final two shows to 3,400 underprivileged children and senior citizens. There could not have been a more uplifting way to conclude the iconic musical’s momentous run than to have shared it with this special audience. In continuation of our Education and Sports for All programme, we are committed to making art accessible to all,” said Mrs. Nita Ambani, Founder and Chairperson, Reliance Foundation.

‘The Sound of Music’ made its debut in May this year at The Grand Theatre with a historic eight-week run – its longest ever in Asia and for the first time in the country.

Enthralled by the stellar performances that bring to life the drama unfolding in the Von Trapp family, the excited children and senior citizens cheered along to timeless songs like ‘My Favourite Things’ and ‘Do-Re-Mi’ – matching the beat with the live orchestra. Following the musical, they were overjoyed when they got to meet the actors who play the Von Trapp family.

The Nita Mukesh Ambani Cultural Centre is committed to community nurturing programmes including school and college outreaches and competitions, art literacy programmes for adults, and much more. Since opening a few months ago, NMACC has provided free access for children, students, senior citizens, and the differently abled, to enjoy shows such as The Sound of Music, Sangam/Confluence and the India in Fashion exhibition.

Since 2010, Reliance Foundation’s Education and Sports for All (ESA) programme has provided sustained initiatives towards the holistic and inclusive development of children, to build their aspirations and enable them to achieve their potential. As part of the ESA programme, each year, Reliance Foundation also hosts thousands of underprivileged children for various events and experiences of joy and celebration, including watching an IPL match, experiencing the Dhirubhai Ambani Square fountain show and spend a day at Jio Wonderland. Through focus on arts, culture and heritage, Reliance Foundation is committed to inspiring the younger generation of Indian artists to preserve and develop India’s cultural heritage for the future.