Women, Technology, and the Sustainable Development Goals: Reshaping the Pathways to Change

Reliance Foundation, The Observer Research Foundation and The United Nations India are hosting an event focused on bringing conversations about sustainability, growth and the global green transition to the G20 debate on September 23, 2022.

Areas of discussion include how women are redefining the pathways to change through utilising innovative technology in innovative ways in areas such as solutions in the areas of health, digital literacy, food security and nutrition, and will explore how access to digital resources is as well as enhancing their ability to access government schemes to empower not only themselves but also their communities, and to bring gender to the fore of the development discourse. The conversation also addresses the broader question of global cooperation and role of UN, G20 and other groups to help communities recover from the shocks of the pandemic and conflicts and use the digital medium to galvanise the journey to 2030.

International policy-makers, development and corporate sector leaders, and academics participate in the discussions.